The Coffee Shack


Coffee Shack Menu

Morning fix
- Bacon & egg roll (with a hash brown) $8.00
tomato or bbq sauce
-Ham & cheese croissant $7.50
add tomato $1.00
-Pancakes with seasonal fruit (and maple syrup)10.50

Fill me up
-Chicken burger with chips $16
-Beef burger with chips $18
(Change to a veggie patty)
-Beef nachos $12
-Chicken Nuggets & chips $10
-Fish & chips $12
-Loaded fries $11

Extra Sauces: Tomato, BBQ, Tartare $0.50

Coffee Shack Menu

-French fries $6.00
-Wedges (with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce) $6.50
-Garden salad $8.00
-Rocket salad $8.00
Sweet tooth
-Brownie with ice cream $6.00
-Mars bar slice $5.00
-Blueberry muffin $4.00
-Caramel slice $4.00
-Caramilk rocky road $5.00
-Vanilla cupcake $3.50

Wake me up
- Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, Long Black, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Chai Latte.
Regular $5.00 large $6.00
-Piccolo, Espresso $4.00
-Baby Chino $3.00
-Tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green or Peppermint) $3.50
-Almond, Soy, Oat, Lactose Free $0.50
-Caramel or Vanilla syrup $0.50
Extra shot $1.00

Cool me down
-Iced Chocolate $6.50
-Iced Coffee $6.50
-Milkshake (Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel) $6.50
-Mars Bar Thickshake $7.50

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