Please read before your visit


Dont forget we also have Our raw honey, tractor rides, animal farm, picnic area, playground, toilets, BBQ's, coffee shack, cakes, pies, sandwiches, tours, excursions, birthday parties and group bookings.

Please respect our neighbours. Drive carefully on Canoelands Road. Do not stop unless there is room to pull safely off the road and always remain on your own side. We are the only PYO farm on the street so please refrain from visiting other properties as we enjoy what we do and complaints can limit our availability to you. Follow the signs on the Road to find us.

 We appreciate your honesty. Please refrain from eating in the orchard. Please do not leave the property without purchasing your fruit. We try to offer a great affordable experience for you but this is our livelyhood and our major harvest is only for 2 months of the year so please do not think that we have so much fruit that taking a few pieces wont matter. It does matter to us. A small minority of our visitors do the wrong thing. We spend the entire year nurturing the trees and the fruit to give you quality produce and allow you to enter our backyard to enjoy our lifestyle. Please always respect our hard work and property. Please also remember to use the rubbish bins provided (for hand wipes also) or take your rubbish with you.

In wet weather please bring a change of shoes and maybe gumboots. Please wear sensible footware while making your way around our property. Remember hats, sunscreen etc.. for a more comfortable experience

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you soon.

The Canoelands Orchard Team

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